Recently I have been busy running around trying to salvage the cafe business. Now that Tasha’s in the daycare, I have more time to go about doing what I should be doing. I miss having her with me all the time but I don’t really have any choice.

My first thoughts with my free time were to spend it more on doing activities that will help to improve Epic’s business. However, the cafe biz seems to grow on me and urgently requires my attention due to the failing sales. I noticed that whenever I stopped taking care of the cafe business, the sales will drop. This time, I am revamping it all over again by replacing some of the staff.

We’ve been hiring retirees that don’t have the energy to work (not to mention complaints too much), one of them is a Filipino who is partially deaf and can’t speak English very well. Another used to be a Bank Branch Manager who still think that she’s one and so don’t take in instructions well. In the end, I managed to get rid of both of them because they are just not the right candidate for the job.

I require younger and more attentive staff to help take care of the place well. In the end, we managed to find those candidates and so far I am happy to work with. Once the staffing problems have been resolved, I need to solve the food and ‘environmental’ issues regarding the cafe. We don’t have an actual cook, just someone that can help to prepare food. On top of that we don’t really have the right facilities to cook at the cafe. Our food kitchen is too small, and the biggest problems seem to be the ventilation! We have all sorts of smell hovering the cafe and we don’t have the budget to install a proper ventilation. Due to that I have to look for an external kitchen or elsewhere to prepare the food before delivering it to the cafe everyday. Somehow, I found a reliable caterer and she has been kind enough to provide the food I require for the cafe. Her food tasted good as well, so I am quite pleased with her services.

We have been making loses every month since the cafe’s opening in July last year, however, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re soon going to be able to break even, with that, we will be able to slowly make profits.

I am thinking of retweaking the menu further to introduce more healthier options. On top of that, I will get the other partner to help control the cost for some of the items at the cafe. I’m also baking a lot of different types of bread to help improve sales and it seems to be working for now. I’ve also started the Facebook page for the cafe here: and is training the new staff to update the pages. All I hope is that there will be more people from the building itself coming in to eat. Indeed, food business requires your toil, sweat and tears to make it work! Hopefully, all my efforts will bear fruits soon.

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