The name appeared out of the blue and I thought that it is a good name after all. Perhaps I could rework the design for the logo, but as of now I am happy with it. On top of that, all the other partners agreed with it too!

Well now that most operational process has been finalised, I just have to make sure that it works. I’m currently ordering daily food from my party caterer because I can’t cook at the cafe. I’ve only allocate one day for us to cook at the cafe, which is Friday. Besides space issues, we’ve never really have any ventilation system installed for us to be able to properly cook. So whenever there’s ‘heavy’ cooking the entire cafe either stinks or is too smoky.

Outsourcing the daily food or my special set lunch from elsewhere not only save up my time having to do groceries, but it seem to be cheaper as well. Also, the ventilation problem is resolved and my cook has more time to come up with other food. It sounds like a perfect solution and we’ve been doing that for 2 weeks now and realised that we can’t control the food they give us and have to sell whatever is given. The only plus points is it’s cheap, resolved my ventilation problems, free up my cook and save time and money from grocery.

For once, I really feel in control of the operations at the cafe. The only problem that I have to solve next is the licensing issue which seem to be taking forever 🙁 Just hope it will be easier when I have the time to look into it next week.

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  1. That logo is perfect for a breakfast cafe. For some outsider feedback i love it and cant see why would want to tamper with it.

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