Well it’s June again and soon it will be my birthday, I am surprised at the amount of goodies that I’ve received through emails and SMS┬áso far which I will probably won’t use. So far, I’ve gotten…

1. Loccitane – RM20 voucher in which I was reminded to go and collect at their boutique.

2. TGV Cinema Movie Club – 2 FREE movie tickets to go watch any movie this month plus a regular popcorn to go with it.

3. Justlife Shop – 20% storewide discount on all items

4. Parkson Shopping Mall – RM50 Voucher with a lot of terms and conditions together with Bonuslink!

5. Bonuslink – 500 extras bonuslink points if I spent above RM250

6. Chatime – 1 FREE Regular Drink

And other vouchers which I never use and don’t wish to highlight. The only voucher I used above is the FREE movie voucher because it has been ages since I last watch any movie.

Other than that, I am sick and bored with the shopping scene in KL. I’m supposed to be travelling but can’t because of Tasha. I have to find out how to get her into my passport. As of now, I’m busy with work and can’t seem to get anywhere.


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