I have been doing a lot of self-reflections lately in regards to everything. Especially my career and my business and where is it heading. Noticed that I have been busy being Mom to Tasha and again my business suffered a set back.

I guess I’m in a business where you can say reached a ‘comfort zone’ level whereby I don’t go look for business actively but people will come looking for me. But that does not mean I don’t have responsibilities to ensure that jobs are delivered and my personal goals are met over time.FF3OGQ9GYVDJV53.LARGE

I know that I have the same predicament of a hamster being stuck in his own playground, going nowhere. If you want to see the illustration, this is exactly how it would look, being in control but arriving nowhere in particular. Free to do anything on my own terms at my own pace.
SNN2033RR-682_737156aI guess you can still say that it’s better than the hamster running on wheels the entire time! Being controlled and arriving at specific time to perform specific duties until you retire or drop dead!

Oh well, for me both predicaments are the same because everyone need to survive and indirectly got suck into this big black hole of ‘WORK’ and more ‘WORK’ to replace life. For those who are on the fancy bit of a wheel, you can continue to stay there for as long as you can.


I’m looking for alternative before being the next meal for the big cat! Time has change indeed, so the way in which the baby boomers used to do business or work has also evolve. If we were to continue like before, we will surely fail. Any ideas? Or we are all meant to be hamster in disguise?


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