Perhaps I should learn to look up and let God resolves Tasha’s issues. We’ve been to see 3 different paediatrician in regards to the cyst on top of her head and none of them could tell us what it is FOR SURE. A lot of times they were just speculating that it is just a dermoid cyst which is common among infants.

We did an ultrasound scan on her, initially and thought we saw some corresponding tissues underneath her skull where the cyst is however, the paediatrician interpreting the scan told us that we can’t trust the ultrasound scan completely because it’s never clear enough.The tissues might not be there. Duhhhh…then why in the first place they want us to do the scan??? So it annoys me a lot and I don’t want to place her under CT scan which may be harmful for her or even an MRI scan because I feel that she’s too young to go through all these medical examinations. As long as she is still healthy and don’t develop any weird signs I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about it too much.

And so in the end, I’ve decided to just commit her to the grand physicist upstairs and pray for His intervention instead. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether these are some sort of test that we have to go through to prove to God that we really do love this child?

I’m very sure that He knows it all..especially what’s inside our hearts, our plans for Tasha and all.

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  1. God can and sometimes chooses to heal the sick but he also expects us to use the provisions that He has in His sovereignty provided for us to use

    God has surrounded us with good doctors and treatments in His wisdom. Part of our faith in Him should exist as a faith in all He has given us. Continue to have faith in all the opportunities He makes available to us as you are right, He knows whats in your heart.

    I hope she gets well and continues her life journey in the name of our Lord

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