We had an awesome time catching up with friends last night, who invited us for a poolside barbeque.

Of course the idea of doing it next to the pool did not went too well with Tasha who can’t resisted the water and actually get into the water. Coupled with the facts that I forgot to bring a change of clothes except for her sweater, it was a disaster. I almost got myself all wet when she tried to venture deeper into the baby pool!

Anyway, I passed her back to her Dad to take care after sometime while I listened to the conversion story of Rachael, a Pakistani woman who is a refugee with her husband and 2 daughters here in Malaysia.

She shared how she came to know Christ through a dream where Jesus called out to her with the name Rachael. Back then, she was still a devout Muslim living together with her family pursuing nursing studies. She told us that she prayed a lot back then but felt no peace with her faith, she even voluntered to be a martyr jihadist and almost attempted to bomb herself in the public places until God intervened.

It was during that time when she was fasting and seeking God, that she encountered Jesus calling her in the dream, she said she was in a dark place surrounded by graveyard and then there was this man who called out to her ‘Rachael, follow me’ and despite being called, she was wondering why did He do that, back then when her name wasn’t Rachael yet.

But eventually she followed Him, and she asked Him to lead her out of the darkness through a path, it was then that she realized that He was showing her a way to follow, before saying to her that He is the way, the truth and the life. She don’t understand and was soon awakened.

Then one day she met a Christian man who eventually became her husband now during a hospital visitation with her mom. She thought of trying to converting him to Islam just to gain merits later when she dies. Then instead, this man shared with her a verse from her holy book, the Koran and told her that the prophet mohamed told the disciples that he did not know what to do with them. She got very mad and thought he interpret the verse wrong and went back home to check her version of the book and indeed the verse was there! So she felt betrayed believing a prophet that did not take care of their own disciples. Soon she realized that her holy book was not what properly written with no beginning or the end.

Out of curiosity sake, she went back to the hospital and met the man again and this time she asked him to share to her what Christianity is all about. She started lying to her family that she wanted to do practical at the hospital but instead went there everyday to find out about the bible and God. She even shared the contents of her dream with him and he was so excited to inform her that God spoke to her directly from a verse in the bible! In the book of John, Jesus mentioned that He is the way, the truth and the life and no one goes to the Father except through Him. Eventually she became a Christian and have to practice her faith in secret. It did not goes well with her family when they tried to arrange a marriage between her and another Moslem man and it was then that they discovered that she has already become a Christian and she suffered beatings due to that. She shared that in Pakistan Moslems family practice honor killing and there’s nothing the authority can do because it was part of their culture too.

So they have to leave Pakistan after enduring much beatings and threats that she will be killed if she were to continue to stay there. Now after being a refugee in KL for some time she eventually hear from the United Nations who helped process their pass to get into America. Their entire family will be able to start a new life there by end of this year or early next year.

I really hope all will be well for them from now on. Thinking back of my conversion story, it’s nothing compared to hers and I feel that we are all very blessed to be able to come to know Jesus without any threats or difficulties.

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