Lately there has been a lot of Japanese Ramen shop opening practically everywhere. It was our first time to the Quill Shopping Mall last evening and we decided to try this shop.

It’s supposed to be a Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Ramen which comes together with 3pcs of Gyoza and a cup of Green Tea. The entire package cost us RM27.90 in fact it’s supposed to be cheaper compare to us ordering the bowl of noodle separately.

Lester had his Spicy Chicken Ramen and it looks like this. The broth for both Ramen tasted the same the only differences is the topping. Overall the taste isn’t bad however the price may be a bit on the high side.

imageI was wondering how a decent meal in KL has suddenly gone up by 30% (at least) in most outlet. Hawker foods are still affordable at the range of RM5 – 6, however at food establishments such as café, restaurants, franchise outlet or even kiosk the price are now in the range of RM16 – 20 easily. I haven’t even started mentioning the price of specialty food establishments yet, like the Ramen shop we went to the pricing could easily cost from RM25 all the way to RM50!

Ever since GST was introduced the cost of living has gone up. Sometimes we try to skip meals or cook at home but cooking at home has always been a hassle, time consuming and with the price of groceries going up it does not make much of a difference anyway.

So we eat out and spend quality family time together to save time. I wonder how a normal Malaysian family can afford to eat out most of the time, usually I only see Chinese families doing that or very modern Malay community.

I wonder by the time Tasha grows up and how our currency will deteriorates even more. But as of now I’ll just let tomorrow worries for itself and hopefully we will have the opportunity to see that she grows up to be a mature and responsible adult.

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