This isn’t a food blog but it’s been a while since I last blog about what I had for lunch and such so , I thought I might as well post about my recent trip to 3 Little Pigs and a Big Bad Wolf restaurant.

Situated at Tropicana City mall, I’ve seen that this place is always quite full with patrons but I’ve never been in there until a few days ago when the outlet I can’t get in to Pasta Zanmai the food I usually frequented when I am in Tropicana.

Well seeing that we need a cosy place to chit chat and the place is quite conducive I figure out that I will meet my friend there. Upon entering, I do not know what to order and ended up ordering a baguette with ham and brie cheese. You can see from the picture that it’s so simple and one that I can finally do better at home or even my own cafe.

Anyway, I’m not there for the food and thought that I might as well enjoy the ambience since the food fails me. My meeting went well with my friend but I have to go off early to pick Tasha.

If you’re a pork lover then this restaurant may be a neat place to be with its pork burgers, pasta and some Asian dishes but if you are like me just looking for a nice and quite place to chat, then I would suggest some other place instead.

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