I’m pretty pleased to have purchased my brand new wireless earbuds from Plantronics because it came with a charging bag. So I get longer play time with it, approximately 14.5 extended hours compared to other brand of its genre.

I have been looking for a wireless earbuds for some time now and is very happy to have found such great device. It’s amazing how convenient it is for me to use it during my walk on the treadmill or while I’m driving.

The only setback is of course the price, the device actually cost me RM399 which is considered an average compared to another brand that cost RM899! I’ve never¬†knew devices like these could cost so much! Or maybe it’s the brandname?

Well it works perfectly well with my Samsung Note 5 and I have been using it happily now. From the review in YouTube some of the testers mentioned that there’s been some bad noise quality especially it’s bass since it’s a wireless device, but I don’t really care because it’s good enough for me. Hoping that I can use this for a long long time to come, because I remembered the last bluetooth earphone I had only lasted for a few months.

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