I’m a Gen-X which means that when I was born, computers are still a new thing. Back then most of the guys I know around that era are gamers, and as for me I was not fortunate enough to own any PC until I reached 21 years old.

But amazingly I managed to pick up all the technology jargons and ended up being a web and creative designer. Maybe things would have been different if I did not met my husband back then, who introduced me to computers and caused me to have an interest in it.

Due to the fact that he’s a gamer, I couldn’t help being one too, I still enjoy MMORPG but because that took up too much of my time, I was thinking that perhaps I will play it only once I retire (if I can afford to that is) Otherwise, I might just as well forget about playing it altogether.

So from time to time I will look for those short and stress free gaming such as Clash of Clans (which I never played anymore) or Plants vs Zombies 2 to fill my need to destress from work and life. I can complete a level within mere minutes or a progressive levels which took me few hours. So, I tried to squeeze in some time during my busy hours or whenever I need to destress.

My favourite zombie game, I have my favourite plant (which is the kernel-pult) Kernel-pults fling corn kernels and butter at zombies, I like the fact that the butter immobilises the zombies causing them to be stucked temporily while other plants continue to do the damage on the advancing zombie.

Besides that, another of my favourite is the Chili Bean because once a zombie eats it, it dies instantly and leaves a trail of gas behind it that stuns any other zombies in its lane for 7.5 seconds. So it’s quite useful and cheap too. The only problem is that it’s slow to recharge.

I think if given the opportunity, I will dress up my future cafe with artworks and also theme of Plants vs Zombies. I am sure a lot of fans will frequent the cafe. So it’s a great business idea in actual fact, perhaps someday I will make it into a reality.

Well, the unfortunate thing about this game is the fact that it can be quite addictive and thus contributes to a waste of time. I have to be careful not to play it so often so I can focus on my work, Tasha and family life.

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