Malaysians has been living under the thick smog of the haze everyday for as long as I can remember this year… Then all of a sudden, the heavy smog lifted and we can now see blue skies again.

The air was so clear this morning when I drove to church that I couldn’t help but admire it from a distance. It’s just too bad that I did not managed to capture the image of the clear skies.

Just last week, the┬ámedia told us that we have to endure the haze until early next year. For years Malaysian has been living under these conditions when it hit us in the month of July usually. However, this year it’s very peculiar that the haze happened throughout the entire year (almost).

Anyway with the haze now gone, I can resume my normal activities such as bringing Tasha for her swim, or to the park and go for our normal walk at the playground.

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