Till now I was not aware of a disease known as ‘Stomach Flu’ or it’s scientific name ‘Viral gastroenteritis’. Until Tasha contracted it and was hospitalised previously, and now she had it again from her daycare.

Apparently a boy in her daycare ends up vomiting and somehow when I fetch her back from the daycare last Friday she started her non-stop vomiting episode. We stayed in the entire weekends because we ended up getting it too!

Saturday was the day where I slept through the entire day, we were supposed to catch up with an old friends for dinner and have to postpone the appointment instead. Lester was still ok on that day until he starts to have diarrhoea on Sunday morning and subsequently fever and caught the flu as well.

So our entire weekend was spent at home and Tasha got better, while we felt worse. In the end, I have no choice but to fetch her to my sister’s place for her to take care because we were both too weak to attend to her demands, and properly take care of her. She ended up staying overnight there and thank God did not ask for us in the middle of the night.

She’s back with me now this morning and hopefully, the flu is gone for good. Talking about that, I think I will stop bringing her to the daycare indefinitely after November, I was thinking that perhaps they can help me until December but it is unwise seeing that she is more prone to infectious diseases there, I guess we better stop. Taking care of a sick child is harder and I don’t wish to repeat that or have to send her to the hospital again.

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