I can’t sleep so thought I might as well wake up to blog about the recent things that has been going on in my life, such as parenting.

Recently, Lester has been very busy with work and I have to take up the large bulk of the responsibility in taking care of Natasha. I noticed that despite the fact that she has been the attending the daycare for almost 1 year now, she still cries whenever I leave her there. Even though it did not happened all the time, it is frequent enough for me to know that she really do not like going there. So I have decided to stop her from going there altogether. Her last day at the daycare will be the mid of next month, after that I am counting on my sis and my own schedule to fits in to take care of her. It will be like the time before when she is below 1 year old.

Despite all the busyness, I am glad to discovered that the cyst found earlier on her head has disappeared! Call it a miracle or whatever, it’s gone completely! I wish I did not spend so much earlier paying all those paediatrician to diagnose the problems and just have more faith in her conditions. However, I guess it must have been learning pointers as new parents.

Anyway, I enjoyed my time with her a lot, even when she is unreasonable or demand her ways on things, I’ve been strict with her and she knows she can’t have her ways with me too much. It’s entirely different with her dad of course, she knows she has no boundaries with him, as he loves her too much and I’ve yet to seen him scolding her.

I guess man will always be a little soft when it comes to little girl. As for me, I really wish that Tasha will grow up well and understand our expectations of her. Despite the fact that it’s easy to give in to her, I tried my best to ensure that I don’t do that too much and worried that we might be spoiling her just too much. Tasha knows how to convince us to give in with her cute smiles and gestures. She knows what we like and knows how to persuade us at times when I am angry with her many demands. Just imagine, she is only 20 months now! I can’t begin to think how she will get her way once she learn how to talk!

At the moment, she trying her best to mumble to us, she can only say some words and sing out some songs slowly. Most of the time, she will be talking in baby gibberish which no one can understands. A lot of her pronunciations are still wrong and we can sometimes guess what she wants. I guess it’s all right to wait a bit because I don’t think I can stand the noise pollution once she knows how to talk.

I’m thankful that everyday, towards the end of it, she is my stress buster. It’s good to have a little girl hugging you knowing that she loves you just as much as you did towards her.

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