As 2015 draws to an end, I ponder on the journey of my life. Whether I am happy with where I am at the moment. This year has been an amazing year and everything seems to passes by so swiftly, I wanted to reflect back on major milestones in my life and reflect on how things could have be better moving forward.

Some of the major milestones or ‘events’ in my personal life and business in which I would like to remember are….

  1. I experienced life as a restauranteur helping out in serving, brewing coffee, managing and hiring, inventory control and promotions. Learnt a lot about what makes a good cup of coffee! Wouldn’t said I like it all but it has been a positive experiences for me in it being that it’s something which I wanted to do someday. The only regrets I have about the entire venture is the fact that everything has been too confined and I wasn’t given the freedom to express my creativity to the fullest in terms of menu, decor and managing the entire cafe.
  2. I celebrated the birthday of my daughter and everything turned out to be fine and wonderful. Even though the staff at the restaurant forgot about the event completely and it was unpleasant having to remind them to open up the venue! It was amazing having to see Tasha blew her candles on a cake baked by a sister who first initiate the adoption process.
  3. It was the first time that I became very demotivated with my business and almost want to give up after a client ignores all my past efforts in branding, renovations and my other marketing initiatives after a major overhaul of his management team.
  4. It was also the first time where I met and encountered a non-paying client! I vowed never to repeat the same mistake again.
  5. I have to send Tasha to her daycare and she cried a lot initially, making me very reluctant to leave her there. I’m glad that she no longer needs to go as I have cancelled her class. Will have to start relying on my sis or friend who are willing to help me keep an eye on her while I work on weekdays.
  6. Seeing Tasha grows from a baby to a toddler and now almost knowing how to speak slowly really amazes me! Time really flies!
  7. First time sending Tasha to the hospital when she had stomach flu was a scary experience and we were hoping that it will not happen again in the future.
  8. Found and get to know new best friends who has shown and taught us so much in terms of our walk with God.
  9. Realized I have the potential and the skills to multi tasks, juggling my work in between impossible deadlines!
  10. Am thankful for a spouse who is my best friend and my love; accepting me for who I am despite all my weaknesses and failures.

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