This year’s Tasha birthday was a bit exceptional. Even though this post is long overdue, which makes me like two months late, I just have to blog about it so that I can remember what happened in the future.

My sister and I decided to join my cousin overseas in visiting a beach resort nearby, together with my Aunt and Uncle of course. The kids don’t know each other, but they get along well together. So Elliot and his younger sister Lilly who is a year older than Natasha had fun together at the pool.


Maybe, UK has been too cold and damp throughout the year; the children never missed a single session of soaking at the pool during their time here! Every day, they are either swimming at the pool at the hotel, or in some condo elsewhere, or their inflatable pool within their front yard.

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Despite the long distance and time of not seeing one another, I still hardly had any meaningful conversations with my cousin. All I know is that her life there must have been pretty miserable, for them always to be indoor, having to slice fruits daily and eating it, fetching their children to and fro and of course rushing to work in the process. I guess my cousin pretty much changed to another person that I can no longer identify.

She used to be very outspoken and short tempered previously, I no longer see that in her. Instead, what I’ve noticed is she has become too quiet and motherly with her kids around her most of the time. All she ever says to me was that everything is expensive in England, toys, clothes, childcare, etc. and that she missed having her parents/relatives around to help her with her kids or errands. Well, I admire the fact that she’s independent enough to take care of her children well on her own. I understand that most of the time her husband works late and on weekends even. It must have been difficult enough.

As for me, I guess I am still the same. Natasha kept me busy most of the time and my business too! I am grateful that both my sister and mom is around to helped me take care of her whenever I need to go out to meet my clients. At times, I wondered how others managed. I have to admit that I am not a real mother being that I hardly cook or prepare meals at home for her. But I make sure that I bonded with her through stories time at night and also whenever I am alone with her.

The best thing about it all is seeing how she grows up so quickly. Despite the fact that she has just turned 2, she already knows how to count to almost 20 besides knowing most of the phonics. She’s learning to speak very rapidly even though there are some utterances which still left us clueless. But most of the time, she has started communicating with us. It’s amazing how fast she picks up new vocabulary. She knows how to ‘demand’ and at times even argue her way with us.

I hope that she will be able to continue to grow up healthily and obediently. At times, she can be a bit stubborn but with logical reasoning, she will relent and listens to us. I’m sensing great future for her academically, but that isn’t my concerns as I wanted her to have a close walk with our Lord Jesus and that is my top priority instead. There are a lot of smart and intelligent people around in the world, but unfortunately, that isn’t the requirement for eternal life. Securing her eternal life and being used by the Lord for His kingdom’s advancement is more crucial than ever before the world comes to its end.

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