Lately, apart from being busy with work and family life, I spent time reflecting on what I want to do in the coming days. I also get to keep in touch with friends that I have not been seeing for some time. I know I have a lot on my plate, and I have not been blogging. I am thinking of starting another blog on an artsy topic so that I can satisfy my creative irks and gain more readers.

I don’t have any reader here, so I might want to shut down this site since it is not doing anything much for me. I’m not sure what to blog about anymore here. My life is officially so mundane and most of the time it’s about Tasha more than me.

I never thought that having a child; just one child can change my life completely. It’s as if I am now living in another universe altogether. Just meeting her demands is enough to drive me bonkers. Early in the morning, I have to attend to her like a princess, and before she sleeps, she wanted to hear bedtime stories. She gets so annoyed when I pretend to sleep, that I have no choice but to read to her. In return, I get rewarded with her endless ‘Mummy, mummy, mummy…’ and her hugs and kisses whenever I want it. Most of the time, she prefers to bug her Daddy instead of me because of my unpredictability I guess since I snap at her more than her Dad.

Soon I will sign her up for swimming lessons because she loves swimming! It would be good to have her swimming next to me all the time. At the moment, she just clings to me whenever we’re in the pool, and there’s not much in that.

I want to pick up tailoring, however still contemplating whether I should invest in a good sewing machine. I don’t have a budget for that, though everything is so expensive these days and I am wondering whether I should try that. Maybe I’ll just wait a little while longer until I am ready before going into that.

Talking about arts and crafts, I do need inspiration desperately because I amĀ helping out at Rainbow Home, a centre for underprivilegedĀ children from broken homes. I go there every two weeks on weekends to tell the children stories and engage in some arts and crafts activities. It has been fun so far; I just wish that I have more budget to afford better activities and food for the children. They love seeing us there at the centre every time. It’s a blessing being able to share God’s love with them, and hopefully, we are doing the right thing.

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