Last weekend, Tasha had her very first Sports Day with her school mates. She was a bit blur at times during the event but did very well when it was her turn to do the relay race.

To be honest, I was so proud of her because she did not cry much or create a fuss even when we leave her with her teachers. She gladly goes along with her teacher’s instructions and did so well during the relay games. I was ALL smiles when she tries her best to run as fast as she could. I noticed there are some 3 and 4 years old crying because their parents were there to watch the games.

I can’t remember the last time when I enjoyed children sport’s day so much! But it was indeed fun last Sunday with Tasha winning a silver medal for her relay games. Which means her team did not end up last, thought it didn’t really matter to us, as long as she had loads of fun of course!

Lately, she has been very verbal with whatever she wants, I can see that she’s going to grow up to be a strong person in the future. Besides, I am glad to know that she seems to take care of her belongings well too! I hope she will know how to take care of us in the future.

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