This swimming pool is where I hang out between 10 – 11 am every morning during weekdays. Yes, I go swimming, so I can work better and have been more active. I hated my sedentary lifestyle a while back; now I am happy again.

I guess you can say that I start work after noon each day nowadays, but I am more productive than before and ensure that work gets done and don’t interfere with my family life.

Goodness knows I am about ready to give up on Epic these days after running it for almost six years! At the moment I am looking for business partner¬†to help me ramp up business and at the same time manage the company better. I realized I’ve always been treating the business like an orphan, and it’s just not right.

There’s just so much a person can do for the business. I realized I am not a Superwoman, and I can’t be managing¬†everything! It’s time I consider expanding the business for good, or the business will just be a waste of time in the future. In the meantime, I’ve spoken to 2 persons about the position, that perhaps they buy into the shares and be an equal partner and treat the company as their own. I believe God will surely send someone suitable to help me. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, any takers out there?

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