I woke up at around 4am today after experiencing such an intense emotions through a dream.

In the dream, I was someone else but with existing friends that I don’t really hang out with in my real life. It’s weird because I was so much younger in my dream? Perhaps in my early 20s?

We were all hanging out together, both males and females at the cafe. It looks like we are dating one another but in fact it was a courtship where everyone knows each other’s intentions and wants.

Then there is this particular guy that looks like an actor from HK which I’ve never really like in real life liking me with me knowing all about it in secret!

All of a sudden we were all in this scene where we were drinking beers and getting drunk. It’s during the time when we are all drunk that crazy things happened because the guys thought that they have a chance to profess their love to the ladies they’ve been admiring.

When this particular guy tries his best to tell me something, I went away and dissappeared! It’s weird because instead of feeling anything from myself in the dream, I experienced the dissappointment, the heartache inside his heart trying so hard to express his love and yet was not able to do it.

Then suddenly it was back to me again having no feeling towards that guy thinking how could I ignore the feelings he had for me and feeling nothing instead?

Hhhhmmm it’s an unrequited love that I experienced in the dream so far.I am still wondering what the dream represents. They said everything in your dream happens the opposite of your actual life. I see some of the elements is true.

So that’s about it! Enough to woke me up to blog about the dream. It’s 5am now and I really should continues my sleep as I have a full day ahead of me.

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