I am a bit disillusioned at the moment, I met up with a long-time school friend that went AWOL on me a while back.

Now that she suddenly reappears, she told me that she has quit and that she is planning to go into her own business and will be doing what I am doing now! A while ago, I approached another friend hoping to partner with her, but she rejected the idea because of bad business partnership experiences. So I have been praying that God will send me someone to help me with my business and grow it further. And then suddenly my long-time school friend reappears in my life.

To be honest, after being in business for more than 5 years now, nothing is a surprise to me anymore when it comes to running my business. I get used to the loneliness, the crazy dealings and the impossible demands from clients and potential clients.

However, I find it annoying that even before she started her own business or anything at all, she actually has the nerve to look down and criticize how small a set-up mine was and that it is not going anywhere impressive. And so how am I going to work with a person that I am not familiar with? Apart from our school days where we went swimming together almost every week in the city’s public pool, I have no more recollection of what a person she is, except that I know she is a very disciplined person, opinionated tough nut, never lose an argument and a single mom who’s proud of her achievements and her daughter.

So that’s bad news, in a way, because I am nothing like her at all. I hate confrontations (I’d rather die) and most of the time, I am not attention seeking. I am a very low profile person, and as I shared with her that the only reason that Epic is still sustaining today is all because of my CEO, who is Jesus. To her, she won’t understand my point of view or why I give glory to God because she is a Buddhist and all she believes in is Karma and her next life.

In the end, after meeting up twice, I decided to just call it off and not go ahead with the business partnership. I don’t think she is the answer to my prayers, rather the opposite because every time I meet up with her, I don’t have the peace because we are very much different in terms of personality. I don’t know how to anticipate her nor know what she is thinking. Also, she has a very much different way of doing marketing than me, in it being that instead of designing, crafting or doing the write-ups by herself, she usually outsourced all the work to freelancers. As for me, I am the opposite because cost control is crucial to an entrepreneur’s survival. I wouldn’t be in the business if I cannot even produce a proper design or craft my own marketing ideas or events.

Anyway, I learned a lot after talking to her, despite having a 5 figures salary and still wanting to quit, I guess that the grass is not always greener at the other end. Those who are employed are not necessarily happier even when they seem to have everything, a stable monthly income, and a comfortable working environment. And those people like me that seem to be in the gutter isn’t necessary unhappy because I get to manage my own time, spend it any way I want to and have all the freedom in the world.

Maybe I don’t need a business partner after all…

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