I apologize in case the title got mixed up with Watchman Nee’s famous Christians book entitled ‘The Normal Christian Life’. It is not my intentions to confuse the reader but I was thinking of how apt this title for my blog tonight’s going to be.

Jesus mentioned that His burden is light, it’s not heavy laden with worries and that His purpose in coming to this world is to give us rest, abundant life and eternity with Him. Indeed, a ‘normal’ Christian life would be to leave everything to Christ. There is no burden or heaviness which we have to carry daily, especially in our daily walk and relationship with Him.

What I really meant is, we are free from a lot of worries the nonbelievers usually face in their life. However, that doesn’t make us anymore different than the rest of the people, we have our own needs and wants based on our many different personalities and our upbringing. The only advantage we have over a non-believer is the fact that we are overcomers and we have a God that cares enough for us to redeemed us back to Him. In saying so, He has good plans for us.

So much has happened that I don’t know where to start my thoughts about the events that happened recently. Too many going on¬†especially in the areas of where and what Epic should be focusing next. One thing is certain that major changes are required in order to move forward.

I have complicated questions such as,¬†Shall I get a business partner to join me? Shall I continue alone but do more joint venture project instead? Shall I sell off some of Epic’s shares to improves cash flow? Shall I get a new office space so I can get more quality candidates to join me so we can grow? Shall I venture into something which I’ve never done before? Shall I continue to provide for my existing client? How am I going to manage Epic in the coming days? So many questions and so little time and answers!

I am stress and troubled, but I also sense I am in the middle of a breakthrough from where I was many years ago…I am glad that in the midst of all these, I have a God that I can turn to, that will provide answers to everything. So, all I need to do is to seek Him and hear from Him, the rest of the world can wait. Amen!

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