After one month of school holidays, it’s time for Tasha to go back to school tomorrow morning. Last year, was a honeymoon year for her because she was the youngest there. However, this year would be different because she is now ready to start her school days as other normal children.

I’m sensing tomorrow she will throw tantrums and cries a lot because everything will be brand new again. Even her class teacher will be different than the one she usually sees and was connected closely.

Anyway, it’s good for me as I have my regular work days back. However this year, things will be a whole lot more different than all the previous years. For once, I will be alone again, and it’s not because I cannot hire another designer or anything like that. The main issue is work is getting scarce and to the point that I can handle on my own without much help.

And on top of that, my existing designer starts to take a LOT for granted these days…I am not in a very charitable mood to continue to nag or even motivate him any more than before because there just seem to be no changes coming from him. If a person is meant to be an ‘eternal soldier’ then he will be that way for the rest of his life. No matter how many pep talks or inspiration you pour into his soul, there will never be any ‘real’ changes or improvements in his work. So I decided to give up! Yes, it’s something which is good for me, and I am running my business, and I am allowed to be brutally honest and comfortable with all the decisions I make.

So I am starting my 2017 without an assistant. I am not sure whether it is a right decision, but eventually, I will need someone to help me out again in the near future (if jobs come pouring in) and I hope he or she will be a much-suited partner than the existing one I am having. And if there’s no job, I can focus on writing a book, baking or just being lazy. I am not sure anymore, but I know I will figure it out eventually.




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