Mom’s Birthday

I have been so busy with work, I did not manage to post up pictures of my Mom’s 75th birthday party which happened last weekend at my sister’s house. My mom being the usual socialite she is, invited so many of her new friends over, we have more than 70 people attending the party besides family members. There were more than enough food for everyone present and even a special selection for those of her friends who are on vegetarian diet.
Here’s a shot of my Dad and my uncle, he likes this shot so much he specially went and develop an enlarge version of it.

And here’s my mom together with our relatives, friend and my little nieces.  

A shot of my sister together with our cousin, Julie and her children and husband as well as her sister-in-law Amanda.

Well it looks like my mom was really happy during the time when her friends sang her the birthday song. You wouldn’t imagine that these are all her friends from the temple she joined nearby not long ago. A lot of them came by and celebrate the occasion with her. Some of her friends sponsored her the birthday cake whereas most of them gave her money as a token of appreciation (Asian style). We had a lot of leftovers that night, my cousin brought over desserts and there were too much carbohydrates like fried rice, fried noodles, fried vermicelli which we get our guests to pack and take away at the end of the night.

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