House Warming cum Chinese New Year party

This is my second house warming party after 4 years of not organizing any party at all. I remembered how disastrous my first party was..and ever since then I’ve been having this terrible phobia of having excess food. However this time around, everything was different, I don’t want to keep reminding all my friends to […]

Family picture

As mentioned in my earlier post, I took the family picture again at my sister’s place with 2 additional cousins in the picture. My Dad and some cousins are still missing because they are overseas…well, I think the picture is good taken outdoor..I don’t realize there were so many little nieces around until I see […]

Reunion Dinner

Everything went well at this year’s reunion dinner, nice cosy company, delicious food and good cheer during the ‘Yee Sang’ tossing. Yee Sang is a chinese raw fish salad originated in Kuala Lumpur as far back as in the early 1950s. It was a dish available only after the Chinese New Year when the restaurants […]

Christmas Eve

Well it’s kinda late to add in my post for the Christmas eve dinner, but better late than never. And so, after all the hype about being the best roasted Christmas Turkey in KL, my verdict on the the Turkey produced by the chef from Equatorial Hotel would be 6/10 🙂 I think the […]