Chatuchak Weekend Market

I can’t wait to visit Chatuchak! one of the most famous weekend market in Thailand. I remembered not being able to see the entire place the last time I was there because the area is so huge! Well I am going to try visit a small portion of it this time and maybe again in the future. But before that we have to first meet up the new marketing executive so I can brief her about her the background of the company, her roles and what she need to do at work. We met up and talked for nearly 2 hours and by the end of it, we were famished.

Skorn and Aoi brought me to this Thai joint with lots of yummy Thai food within the shopping mall. I ordered Pad Thai, which is one of the famous food in Thailand besides the Tom Yam Goong and it was awesome. Gosh! I think I will put on weight at the end of my Bangkok trip for sure 😛 Anyway, we took the underground train to Cathuchak Park and walk to the market place by foot. We have to allow the security guards at the entrance to inspect our handbags due to higher security measures after the recent bomb threats. I was very grateful that Aoi helped me to bargained for best price for all the shirts and souvenirs and Skorn helped me to carry all the stuffs I bought. I was very tired at the end of the day but apparently Skorn brought us all to this eat-all-you-can buffet style BBQ joint. (Look at the pictures!) the place was packed with a lot of youngsters and they have a stage for customers to sing their heart out karaoke style. At the end of the dinner session I smelled cooked myself because of the smoke emitting from the charcoal stove 😛 yucks!

Glorious Shark Fin

A perfect ending to a long week day, we ended up in one of the most famous shark fin restaurant in Bangkok. According to Skorn, that is where most of the Thai go for shark fin soup. The soup was served in a traditional claypot with a lot of yummy mushroom, fish maw, crab meat and of course shark fin! Besides that there were other delicious food which we ordered such as fried rice with crab meat, spicy noodle with prawns and fried asparagus with mushroom. Dinner discussions centred around office, future plans for the company, staff’s outlook etc. It was a great day despite what I feel passed by too fast, and I do not have enough time to finish up my work. Anyway, I am very glad that we managed to achieved what I am there for, and we have a new marketing personnel in Bangkok now. I hope that we will be able to build up our marketing activities in Thailand and things are more orderly in the future.

Work and Dinner

Today’s is all about work…work..and work. I don’t even have time for lunch with my Thai colleagues. Hmmm…but I did not get to the Thai office until 11am though, out of which I’ve already had a hearty breakfast, so I don’t really mind not having lunch. It was interesting being able to interview the marketing applicants here, the first candidate can speak quite good English for Thai even though she do not have much experience in marketing. She seems to be very dedicated and willing to learn so that she will have a great career path. The most amazing thing is she don’t mind the salary package at all.

I then went through the second interview session but she can hardly understand me when I try to speak to her. So it’s bad news I guess, because I seriously need to be able to communicate with the marketing personnel in Thailand if we were to hire them. She will need to be able to communicate in English with most people from another country too. So English I guess would be essential. Right after the interview session is over, Skorn brought me to this very famous Thai restaurant near the office. Again I must make mention that the weather is great. We had clear Tom Yum soup, Green Curry with Fishball, Stir fried Convulvus with Garlic and Chili, Fried Prawncakes, Deepfried Fish, Vegetables in Coconut Gravy and I washed it all down with young Coconut juice. Look at the picture! I hope you are hungry now 😛

Beer Garden Party

Well at least that’s what the Thai called it…it’s one of
those favorite parties they hold for business associates to celebrate and
appreciate their support given throughout the year. And so my second day in
Bangkok after I landed was to ensure that everything for the event is properly
done. The entire day was filled with session after session of speakers sharing
ideas, tips on security… phishing awareness….major product announcement
mingled with stand-up comedy and lucky draws by 2 very talented emcees.  Apparently one of them used to be a man until
he has a complete sex change and won Miss Tiffany pageant and now she is one of
Bangkok’s most sought after entertainer during parties. Yeah she’s so famous!,
and even appeared in multiple commercials and magazine cover. Can you guess who
is she in the picture below? And who is her trusty sidekick? 

Everything went quite well despite some mishaps in certain
co-ordination, but considering this is one of the first major events for our
office in Thailand…it’s quite good and well thought of. And now that it is all
over, I can see that Skorn’s a little less jumpy than when I first arrived. The
entire team actually stayed back downing the last portion of leftover beers
instead of letting it go to waste. The weather at night was terrific with cool
breezy air felt by everyone and not humid like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

And as for me I am so glad to be able to check into a room
and not having to change the room I am staying again. The room wasn’t so out of
this world such as the one I had before in Grand Sukhumvit. However, it is nice
and cosy enough nevertheless.

It’s 3am Malaysian time now and I should head to the big
comfy bed and continue blogging tomorrow I guess.

Good Evening Bangkok

Cool…I make it here in one piece and everything seems fine despite the delay in my flight (which happens to be a regular occurrence I heard). Updating the sights and sounds of Bangkok at night…errr actually not so much of sounds yet because all the krap, thung, thong, song all sounds foreign to me and I hate not being able to understand what everyone is saying. As far as the sight is concerned, Bangkok is still the same in my opinion, from the time I visited it around 2 years ago. Interesting thing is I saw a baby elephant walking next to the traffic (yeah i am not joking :P). Besides that I saw a lot of gigantic poster of the Thai King, or the queen being displayed in front of shopping malls, offices etc, massage parlor are also almost everywhere, every corner is occupied with a 7 eleven or some kind of 24 hours shop, a lot of Caucasian accompanied by sexy, young Thai girls..yeah and the usual.

Unfortunately I am unable to unpack yet because the hotel which I booked in do not have anymore room due to leakage which ruin a few floors in a hotel, so they transported me to another hotel and whoila ….it happened to be one of those 5 star hotel near the area. Check out the room which I am in now below…(Pretty amazing huh?) Yes, my room is exactly as shown in the picture 😀 and I don’t feel like leaving here tomorrow to check-in to another one. Hahahaha….Anyway, I got to make this fast because my notebook is running out of power again and my adapter plug don’t seems to fit! It’s 2.30am Malaysian time and 1.30am Thailand’s time 😛 and I got to wake up at 6.30am tomorrow morning, bummer. So I guess I should get some rest in my king size bed now (oh there’s complimentary gourmet chocolate on the bed 😉 just what I need before bed)…couldn’t resist the blogging though, kinda addicted to it now….arrrggghh…I seriously need to get my colleague to help me purchase  the unlimited internet access card tomorrow 😛 yawn….

An unpleasant evening

It has really been a terribly long night full of explanations, complaints and plentiful of blah blah blah. Went to Hartamas area for dinner and decided to stop at the mall nearby. Ordered Bagel with Bratwurst Sausage with cream of mushroom and plenty of salad and chips. Yeap dinner was good and I even managed to logged into WoW to say ‘Hi’ to all my regular friends online. (Oh by the way the bagel shop is just next to Starbucks and so I managed to hog the wi-fi connection there, and it was pretty smooth too) And so about an hour later, together with a packed blueberry cheesecake and green tea swiss roll  for my parent’s supper we headed back to the car. These is what happened to the windscreen of the car once we were there…tsk tsk tsk! 
Apparently someone smashed the side passenger’s window because they saw the notebook bag in there lying around and thought that there must be a valuable notebook inside 😛 Well they are so WRONG because I took my notebook with me for dinner and all I left in there is the power adapter, my multimedia pointer, Lest’s fave NIKON shirt and a few CDs. And so the nagging begin ‘I told you to bring the bag along with you" 😛 "I told you to hide the bag" blah blah blah….And so he left the place and walk over to the guard control room (which i swear is less than 3 min walk :P) from the car, to make a report etc. Well, what happened has happened I’d say and now the headache part begins 😛
First we will have to make a police report within 24 hours, get the report from the guard stationed there the next day, take pictures of the broken windscreen, photocopy relevant claim documents, get to the mechanic and have it fix (so we don’t look like fools driving in town without a window..hahahha) and then get the final receipt and bring it to the insurer after filling in the claims form etc 😛
Well I don’t have to worry about that now I guess since I will be flying away tomorrow night. I’ll just leave all the instructions to Lest so he can follow-up and get things done 😛 Anyway, it’s great to have friends all around you when things happened 😀 and I am so grateful for them…So far these are some of the things I learned from them tonight …hahaha…
    • #1 Make sure you don’t make dumb police reports 😛 else it will be difficult for you to get your claims refunded later on (Because there has been cases of ppl sabotaging and making money from insurance claims)
    • #2 (This is an advice from a cop, happens to be a friend as well :P) Unfortunately you can only make police report within the vicinity of the crime area and not at any police station 😛 which is really dumb I think.
    • #3 The place which we visited is a taboo place because there has been cases of robbery, theft, murder, rape since it’s opening etc. (Which is weird because the people who lived there are mostly rich people and is considered to be one of those high profile area in KL)
    • #4 Cost of repair is so dirt cheap but the insurance cover is so much higher and so we might as well replace it with the best windscreen there is 😛
    • #5 Ohhhh..and one of them told me that our car number came out as First prize in ToTo yesterday 😛 (So that explains why people target our car huh? They must have thought we have struck it rich!) Ohhh and this isn’t the first time it came out as First Prize, I think it’s the second time now (I remembered my Mom regretting not buying the stakes when it first come out in ToTo a few years back. But she won consolation prize a few months later which isn’t all too bad too I guess, since she bought us dinner with the prize money 😛

If you want to find out what is my lucky car number, then I guess you will need to first do your due diligence by meeting me up for dinner 😉 Takers anyone? 


Feeling Sick

Haven’t been feeling well for the past few weeks, logged into WoW and it was fun meeting back old friends last nights. Everyone actually missed me! How amazing..hhahaha…Not sure whether I want to go visit the doc, wasn’t fun I guess seeing the same old doctor over and over again. But it’s worse when you have to share your medical history with a new doctor that you have yet come to relate with. So…

Famous Lisa

I am actually amazed to find out that there are so many famous LISA out there. Look what I have found about the name Lisa, what it means and what it is being used for from the beginning of time…lol…here goes (make sure you are ready for this :P)


·          LISA is a very popular female first name and it means ‘Consecrated to God’. It is also the short form for Elisabeth which is a Hebrew name.


·          The Apple LISA was a personal computer designed at Apple Computer during the early 1980s.


·          LISA: Library and Information Science Abstracts is an international abstracting and indexing tool designed for library professionals and other information specialists. 

It currently abstracts over 440 periodicals from more than 68 countries and in more than 20 different languages.

·          LISA Marie Simpson is a character in the animated tv series The Simpsons. Matt Groening, the creator of the series, named her after his sister.


·          In America, they even named an annual event LISA for Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA ’07) – Check it out if you don’t believe me 😛


·          OK, and also an association which stands for Life Insurance Settlement Association  (LISA) whereby they promote the development, integrity and reputation of the life settlement industry.


·          The LISA project is a platform for the development of Lisp-based Intelligent Software Agents.


·          The Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA), which is located in Lower Vancouver Island, provides administrative services to youth soccer associations.


·          The Mona LISA is a 16th-century portrait painted in oil on a poplar panel by Leornardo Da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance.


·          The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is a joint ESA-NASA mission to design, build and operate a space-based gravitational-wave detector.


·          LISA Marie Presley is the only child of Elvis Presley.


In Malaysia, I often passed by this cute inn known as ‘LISA de Inn’ and I hope the owner is one smart, strong and beautiful woman 😉


Right, so this name must be good then… easy to spell. easy to say. Despite it’s popularity in the 60’s I hope it’s not going to turn out like one of those Mildreds, Friedas and Myrtles name because I am hoping that it will at least age well 😛

Porridge for Breakfast

It’s Saturday morning, supposedly one of those time for rest and relaxation but I’m still recovering from flu or headache since a few days back. So I got around to boil some porridge at home and have that for breakfast instead. May need to go out to later to get something for my trip to Bangkok next week. I would have wanted to rest more in KL since I have just got back from Singapore a few weeks back.
All for the sake of work, I guess when you found your dream job there’s just no stopping you in whatever you are working on. I’m glad that things work out well at work for now despite everything. And it’s great to see your effort achieving some extra milestones which is priceless! So I better go check the boiling porridge for now before it started burning 😛

A New Beginning is supposed to be interesting. And with my space I can make it more interesting, by starting my blogging which I’ve abandoned a long time ago. Officially more mobile now with my new DELL notebook 😛 I believe I will have more opportunity to write about my daily happenings etc.

I can’t wait for this year to end and start afresh! Everything has gone terribly wrong, I realized I wasted a lot of precious time on futile things, unfulfilled desires, hiccups at work etc. I am seriously looking forward to January 2008!