Birthday Treat

This year’s Tasha birthday was a bit exceptional. Even though this post is long overdue, which makes me like two months late, I just have to blog about it so that I can remember what happened in the future.

My sister and I decided to join my cousin overseas in visiting a beach resort nearby, together with my Aunt and Uncle of course. The kids don’t know each other, but they get along well together. So Elliot and his younger sister Lilly who is a year older than Natasha had fun together at the pool.


Maybe, UK has been too cold and damp throughout the year; the children never missed a single session of soaking at the pool during their time here! Every day, they are either swimming at the pool at the hotel, or in some condo elsewhere, or their inflatable pool within their front yard.

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Despite the long distance and time of not seeing one another, I still hardly had any meaningful conversations with my cousin. All I know is that her life there must have been pretty miserable, for them always to be indoor, having to slice fruits daily and eating it, fetching their children to and fro and of course rushing to work in the process. I guess my cousin pretty much changed to another person that I can no longer identify.

She used to be very outspoken and short tempered previously, I no longer see that in her. Instead, what I’ve noticed is she has become too quiet and motherly with her kids around her most of the time. All she ever says to me was that everything is expensive in England, toys, clothes, childcare, etc. and that she missed having her parents/relatives around to help her with her kids or errands. Well, I admire the fact that she’s independent enough to take care of her children well on her own. I understand that most of the time her husband works late and on weekends even. It must have been difficult enough.

As for me, I guess I am still the same. Natasha kept me busy most of the time and my business too! I am grateful that both my sister and mom is around to helped me take care of her whenever I need to go out to meet my clients. At times, I wondered how others managed. I have to admit that I am not a real mother being that I hardly cook or prepare meals at home for her. But I make sure that I bonded with her through stories time at night and also whenever I am alone with her.

The best thing about it all is seeing how she grows up so quickly. Despite the fact that she has just turned 2, she already knows how to count to almost 20 besides knowing most of the phonics. She’s learning to speak very rapidly even though there are some utterances which still left us clueless. But most of the time, she has started communicating with us. It’s amazing how fast she picks up new vocabulary. She knows how to ‘demand’ and at times even argue her way with us.

I hope that she will be able to continue to grow up healthily and obediently. At times, she can be a bit stubborn but with logical reasoning, she will relent and listens to us. I’m sensing great future for her academically, but that isn’t my concerns as I wanted her to have a close walk with our Lord Jesus and that is my top priority instead. There are a lot of smart and intelligent people around in the world, but unfortunately, that isn’t the requirement for eternal life. Securing her eternal life and being used by the Lord for His kingdom’s advancement is more crucial than ever before the world comes to its end.

Barney Happiness


This post is so long overdue. Tasha celebrated her birthday weeks earlier before it was due because of school holidays.

Celebrating a child’s birthday is always a pleasant surprise, I get to see Tasha’s face light up and being very excited over her Barney cake and balloon. She tries to talk to me about it the entire day and seeing her Barney that was made out of sugar always make her smile.

I can still remember her 1st year old birthday celebrations, that time she is still too young to comment on her cake or get overly excited over it. This year she is different again, she can even taste her own cake and let me know that she the banana cake is nice.

Time flies, in a while I will be celebrating her 3rd or 4th or 5th year old birthdays, seeing her grow up there’s something I’ve always wanted to do though, a Scrapbook of her growing up! But I just don’t have the time. I really wish I can spare some time in the near future for that endeavour.

Right, so this year the birthday was a little low key, and it’s only amongst her friends in school. We figured that not every year of her birthday has to be specially celebrated, so we will just do the milestones of it. Those special milestone years would probably be 1st, 6th, 12th, 16th, 18th and 21st. Perhaps more when she is younger than older because she really enjoys all the attention.

Anyway, celebrating her birthday isn’t the highlight of this post, I guess I just wanted to say that regardless of how old Tasha will grow, she will always be special and treasured in our lives no matter how old she gets.

Just a Thought

Life is short especially a time such as ours where everything revolves around technology. Our current generations rely so heavily on technology that oftentimes we even rely on software to make decisions and live our lives.

Awhile back I rely a lot on my brain memory to help me remember important schedule. However as time passes by, I need to rely on Google Calendar to remind me and help planned my days. Not as if I cannot remember my schedule or important schedule but with my schedule nicely recorded within an electronic software or devices, I am able to put a lot of things into clearer perspectives.

l am blogging about my daily work schedule of course, how about my personal schedule? As Christians, we are all put here with a purpose. We are all living in a temporal world whereby nothing lasts forever, even the stars in the sky will die and give away its light. So how do we make the full use of our limited time on earth? Make full use of our time here of course!

Recently I took up a sign language course and everyone was so against me doing that. They said I should spend my time with Tasha more considering the fact that I have been so busy with work lately.

Well, I am not exactly sure why I took up the course either except the fact that I have always been curious to know what the deaf and dumb signing. Also, I like to use the knowledge acquired to help the community as much as possible, even though I know my help may not be appreciated. Right now I am only at level 1 which I am not sure is sufficient for me to master within a short time.

Happy New Year 2016

This is an overdue post, I have been so busy with family life that I no longer have the time to blog much. I’m no longer sure whether the coming days will be ‘Happy’ or ‘Easy’ since there has been so many bad news and I have not hear of any good news or even of new project for my company.

The end of 2015 up till now, things have been extremely slow, imagine the entire nation whereby no one is sourcing to do enterprise business anymore. My last acquired project happened way back in September and that’s about it. There has been no new project since then.

The only cash cow which are the banks and telcos within the country are the only one with resources to launch marketing campaigns and they are budgeting. The only FMCG companies in Malaysia who are still advertising are Nestle, Procter & Gambler, Unilever and if you check their latest stock prices are going down. As of now, only the government and their agencies are busy and has the money to pay for services and products. Almost all the companies who are doing well are either relying on their export business OR the government sector. Something is very wrong.

If you are still adamant that the country is not in recession then you would have been in another planet. Ever since the reign of terror last year, citizens have been slapped by one incident after another. The implementation of GST was horrendous because there wasn’t a systematic way of introducing it. Immediately, citizens were slapped with additional amount of GST whether they like it or not on most essentials. Those items which are not GST imposed are non-relevant because there wasn’t much different at all.

Then there were all the issue of tolls being increased which caused a lot of inconvenience and heartache to the commuting Malaysians that need to go to work. Our area alone was slapped with 50cents increase which is a lot and some routes cost RM3 just to pass through after the RM1 increased. It is really bad, because after all these years of toll collections, you still see holes on the road and the condition of the road has not been upgraded at all. So what is the justifications of the increase of toll fees?

Then out of nowhere our ringgit took a nosedive plunge into oblivion resulting in cost of imports item being unaffordable all of a sudden! So seriously, what is happening? Our ringgit has gone so much lower that soon I won’t be surprised to know that it’s going to cost us RM5 against 1USD by end of the year. Ok so we were told that other nations are feeling the pinch too, but people are not starving there!

Recently, there were news of university students who are being starved to death because they can’t afford anything. Their diet consists of mainly, instant noodles and sometimes none. Then a minister starts suggesting that we all take in 2 jobs in order to survive in this economy. All of a sudden everyone hated him for suggesting that because life has become so tough that he not make anymore insensitive remarks.

The volatility of the situation and now coupled with the news and market paranoia of ISIS invading the country the same way as what happened in Jakarta recently, really everyone in an unhappy mood for Chinese New Year.

With spending power reduced so much, having RM1k is like RM10 when you go shopping. The money disappears without much trace. Despite the petrol price being so much affordable now, the cost of living has definitely increased in KL. I don’t think it is wise for me to go out for dinner these days, everything has suddenly become so expensive.

Of course, our country’s political scene is a laughing stock. We have the same ruler governing for the past 57 years that they do not know how to quit or have the decency to despite not being able to improve the situation in this country. In terms of bad publicity, our nation seems to top it all in the world!

So what is there to look forward to? Since everything seems so uncertain and even scary to begin with?

Well, for once we have been praying, we learn to pray more and rely on God for our provisions rather than depending on man or ourselves. We are trying our best to wait (which is probably the hardest thing to do) at the moment and see the deliverance of God from our current predicament. 2016 may be a make OR break year for my company.

If we are able to ride through, we will be able to move in to a new office space (finally) and maybe get additional hired help. However, if we are unable to do so, the company may cease to exist by April this year. Well, a lot of things will be unfolding in the next couple of weeks and whether it will remain in the business or a thing in a past??? I will have to leave it to God. After all, He has provided and blessed me with abundance all these while, it’s time we wait and continue to trust in Him.

Nevertheless, I have a lot of other plans and will have to see which one will unfolds and become a reality.

‘Tis the Season

As 2015 draws to an end, I ponder on the journey of my life. Whether I am happy with where I am at the moment. This year has been an amazing year and everything seems to passes by so swiftly, I wanted to reflect back on major milestones in my life and reflect on how things could have be better moving forward.

Some of the major milestones or ‘events’ in my personal life and business in which I would like to remember are….

  1. I experienced life as a restauranteur helping out in serving, brewing coffee, managing and hiring, inventory control and promotions. Learnt a lot about what makes a good cup of coffee! Wouldn’t said I like it all but it has been a positive experiences for me in it being that it’s something which I wanted to do someday. The only regrets I have about the entire venture is the fact that everything has been too confined and I wasn’t given the freedom to express my creativity to the fullest in terms of menu, decor and managing the entire cafe.
  2. I celebrated the birthday of my daughter and everything turned out to be fine and wonderful. Even though the staff at the restaurant forgot about the event completely and it was unpleasant having to remind them to open up the venue! It was amazing having to see Tasha blew her candles on a cake baked by a sister who first initiate the adoption process.
  3. It was the first time that I became very demotivated with my business and almost want to give up after a client ignores all my past efforts in branding, renovations and my other marketing initiatives after a major overhaul of his management team.
  4. It was also the first time where I met and encountered a non-paying client! I vowed never to repeat the same mistake again.
  5. I have to send Tasha to her daycare and she cried a lot initially, making me very reluctant to leave her there. I’m glad that she no longer needs to go as I have cancelled her class. Will have to start relying on my sis or friend who are willing to help me keep an eye on her while I work on weekdays.
  6. Seeing Tasha grows from a baby to a toddler and now almost knowing how to speak slowly really amazes me! Time really flies!
  7. First time sending Tasha to the hospital when she had stomach flu was a scary experience and we were hoping that it will not happen again in the future.
  8. Found and get to know new best friends who has shown and taught us so much in terms of our walk with God.
  9. Realized I have the potential and the skills to multi tasks, juggling my work in between impossible deadlines!
  10. Am thankful for a spouse who is my best friend and my love; accepting me for who I am despite all my weaknesses and failures.

Much to be Thankful for

I can’t sleep so thought I might as well wake up to blog about the recent things that has been going on in my life, such as parenting.

Recently, Lester has been very busy with work and I have to take up the large bulk of the responsibility in taking care of Natasha. I noticed that despite the fact that she has been the attending the daycare for almost 1 year now, she still cries whenever I leave her there. Even though it did not happened all the time, it is frequent enough for me to know that she really do not like going there. So I have decided to stop her from going there altogether. Her last day at the daycare will be the mid of next month, after that I am counting on my sis and my own schedule to fits in to take care of her. It will be like the time before when she is below 1 year old.

Despite all the busyness, I am glad to discovered that the cyst found earlier on her head has disappeared! Call it a miracle or whatever, it’s gone completely! I wish I did not spend so much earlier paying all those paediatrician to diagnose the problems and just have more faith in her conditions. However, I guess it must have been learning pointers as new parents.

Anyway, I enjoyed my time with her a lot, even when she is unreasonable or demand her ways on things, I’ve been strict with her and she knows she can’t have her ways with me too much. It’s entirely different with her dad of course, she knows she has no boundaries with him, as he loves her too much and I’ve yet to seen him scolding her.

I guess man will always be a little soft when it comes to little girl. As for me, I really wish that Tasha will grow up well and understand our expectations of her. Despite the fact that it’s easy to give in to her, I tried my best to ensure that I don’t do that too much and worried that we might be spoiling her just too much. Tasha knows how to convince us to give in with her cute smiles and gestures. She knows what we like and knows how to persuade us at times when I am angry with her many demands. Just imagine, she is only 20 months now! I can’t begin to think how she will get her way once she learn how to talk!

At the moment, she trying her best to mumble to us, she can only say some words and sing out some songs slowly. Most of the time, she will be talking in baby gibberish which no one can understands. A lot of her pronunciations are still wrong and we can sometimes guess what she wants. I guess it’s all right to wait a bit because I don’t think I can stand the noise pollution once she knows how to talk.

I’m thankful that everyday, towards the end of it, she is my stress buster. It’s good to have a little girl hugging you knowing that she loves you just as much as you did towards her.

Family in Christ

There was this parable in the book of Matthew…where Jesus shares…

‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:35-40 

Recently I get to know a couple from Pakistan who is a refugee here in Malaysia, they have been attending our church for the past 7 years and even though we know them earlier before through cell groups, we were not very close because back then as we were still very new in the church.

Another chance encounter through a BBQ party and again we get acquainted well and these days we have been fetching them to church every weekends because their home is just 15 mins drive away. At the same time, we sometimes spend our weekends together, having meals and visiting interesting destinations together. Life is very hard for them as a family here as a refugee. So we hope to help lighten their burdens a little as family members in Christ.

I guess no one wouldn’t be inspired upon hearing their testimony and how they escaped from Pakistan to Malaysia. I’ve shared it earlier in one of my recent blogpost but upon getting to know her, she shared how she escaped from 300 religious authorities in Pakistan to Malaysia. Even her own father wanted to kill her because of her conversion to Christianity and in the end it was her mother who help her escaped from home. She shared how everyday has been a miracle for her being ALIVE which is something we all take granted for each day. If she did not make the decision to follow Jesus, life would still be normal for them in a way her family is rich and she can still continue her education probably and go through an arranged marriage into a Moslem household.

In a way, I feel that she is REALLY a true disciple of Christ, preaching the good news to all who are willing to hear wherever they go. Both she and her husband are very well versed in both the Korans and the Bible so they are ready to share their experiences and testimony to anyone.

Unfortunately, our country is not liberal enough for us to share Christ with anyone we meet, for reasons being that this is an Islamic nation whereby the government has decreed that the main religion is Islam. We can convert anyone who was a non-Malay/Moslem but not anyone who is a Malay because they are automatically a Moslem by birth. Anyone found doing that will be imprisoned under ISA (Internal Security Act).

Rachel get to know God through reading the Koran and the Bible after her encounter with Jesus through her dreams. I do not know how many Moslems will be devout enough to go through deep soul searching and to really dig through the scriptures to discover the truth. Most of the time, all they have are teachings from their religious leaders in the mosque and elders, rumours that they choose to believe in and scriptures without any beginning or end and filled with contradictions. So far the bible is the only ancient text without any discrepancy or contradictions.

I remember she said that our final destiny is not here on earth, we are only here temporarily so we can leave earth and join God’s kingdom for eternity. We can be alive till the age of 100 mostly? but after that, we have to worry where our spirit will be heading next. So what we do now really matters, not just for our sake now but for eternity as well! Going through life with no purpose except for the sake of existence only can be lonely, meaningless and unfulfilling.

Having said that, being a Christian is not easy, for we are the only people on earth who are being persecuted everywhere. If we do not have love for one another, I guess things would be very difficult. As Christians, we have love for one another and bear all things through Christ who strengthens us in all that we do. We are all part of the body of Christ, and we don’t feel glad when one of our brothers and sisters fall from grace. Just as Jesus was persecuted while He is on earth, most of us as His followers will experienced the same. Of course God knows the amount of temptation that we can endure for His words also said that …

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. – 1 Corinthians 10:13

Just as the bible warns us that in the end, we will experience the ‘great falling away’ and many false religious leaders arising claiming to be from God we need to steadfast and not sway all the more. Living here on earth is not going to be any easier with time running out soon. We have to be watchful, prepare and be willing to be persecute anytime now that the end draws closer.

Of course instead of looking up to man for guidance, our role model should always be Christ as He is the only one that can deliver and change our situation for good. Despite all the news about pastors and leaders falling from grace, due to money, affair, false teachings etc. We must always remember that, ultimately they are just man and the flesh are ‘weak’. Many a times we have our own challenges being in the flesh as we encounter hunger, thirst, temptation and many more. Jesus himself knows the feeling as He goes through the challenges of being a man and ask His heavenly Father to have mercy on us.

It’s not easy being a man, for even Jesus asked God if it is possible for the cup to be taken away from Him but nevertheless let God’s will be done. For God’s will to be done and mankind to experience redemption is a one very costly act which no one can ever replicate or repeat. Unfortunately those who did not know Christ is not aware of that. May God has mercy on them and may they find the truth before it is too late.

The Hazy Condition

Malaysians has been living under the thick smog of the haze everyday for as long as I can remember this year… Then all of a sudden, the heavy smog lifted and we can now see blue skies again.

The air was so clear this morning when I drove to church that I couldn’t help but admire it from a distance. It’s just too bad that I did not managed to capture the image of the clear skies.

Just last week, the media told us that we have to endure the haze until early next year. For years Malaysian has been living under these conditions when it hit us in the month of July usually. However, this year it’s very peculiar that the haze happened throughout the entire year (almost).

Anyway with the haze now gone, I can resume my normal activities such as bringing Tasha for her swim, or to the park and go for our normal walk at the playground.

Stomach Flu

Till now I was not aware of a disease known as ‘Stomach Flu’ or it’s scientific name ‘Viral gastroenteritis’. Until Tasha contracted it and was hospitalised previously, and now she had it again from her daycare.

Apparently a boy in her daycare ends up vomiting and somehow when I fetch her back from the daycare last Friday she started her non-stop vomiting episode. We stayed in the entire weekends because we ended up getting it too!

Saturday was the day where I slept through the entire day, we were supposed to catch up with an old friends for dinner and have to postpone the appointment instead. Lester was still ok on that day until he starts to have diarrhoea on Sunday morning and subsequently fever and caught the flu as well.

So our entire weekend was spent at home and Tasha got better, while we felt worse. In the end, I have no choice but to fetch her to my sister’s place for her to take care because we were both too weak to attend to her demands, and properly take care of her. She ended up staying overnight there and thank God did not ask for us in the middle of the night.

She’s back with me now this morning and hopefully, the flu is gone for good. Talking about that, I think I will stop bringing her to the daycare indefinitely after November, I was thinking that perhaps they can help me until December but it is unwise seeing that she is more prone to infectious diseases there, I guess we better stop. Taking care of a sick child is harder and I don’t wish to repeat that or have to send her to the hospital again.

Plants vs Zombies


I’m a Gen-X which means that when I was born, computers are still a new thing. Back then most of the guys I know around that era are gamers, and as for me I was not fortunate enough to own any PC until I reached 21 years old.

But amazingly I managed to pick up all the technology jargons and ended up being a web and creative designer. Maybe things would have been different if I did not met my husband back then, who introduced me to computers and caused me to have an interest in it.

Due to the fact that he’s a gamer, I couldn’t help being one too, I still enjoy MMORPG but because that took up too much of my time, I was thinking that perhaps I will play it only once I retire (if I can afford to that is) Otherwise, I might just as well forget about playing it altogether.

So from time to time I will look for those short and stress free gaming such as Clash of Clans (which I never played anymore) or Plants vs Zombies 2 to fill my need to destress from work and life. I can complete a level within mere minutes or a progressive levels which took me few hours. So, I tried to squeeze in some time during my busy hours or whenever I need to destress.

My favourite zombie game, I have my favourite plant (which is the kernel-pult) Kernel-pults fling corn kernels and butter at zombies, I like the fact that the butter immobilises the zombies causing them to be stucked temporily while other plants continue to do the damage on the advancing zombie.

Besides that, another of my favourite is the Chili Bean because once a zombie eats it, it dies instantly and leaves a trail of gas behind it that stuns any other zombies in its lane for 7.5 seconds. So it’s quite useful and cheap too. The only problem is that it’s slow to recharge.

I think if given the opportunity, I will dress up my future cafe with artworks and also theme of Plants vs Zombies. I am sure a lot of fans will frequent the cafe. So it’s a great business idea in actual fact, perhaps someday I will make it into a reality.

Well, the unfortunate thing about this game is the fact that it can be quite addictive and thus contributes to a waste of time. I have to be careful not to play it so often so I can focus on my work, Tasha and family life.