We’re Home

Tasha sat at her favourite armchair the moment we reached home last night. And she just relax on it while looking at us and before long she was dancing to her favourite musicals on the internet TV. The doctor wanted us to stay on another night so we can get the ultrasound scan done in the […]

Goo goo, ga ga

These days, Tasha has been trying to communicate with us through her special ‘baby’ language. She will go around talking to us in her own funny language that we find her so adorable the entire time. For me, I will constantly just smothered her with lots of kisses and hugs whenever she tries to talk, […]

My Dad

This week was a crazy week for me, I was trying to rush for a deadline but in the end have to put it on hold ‘again’ because my Dad called informing us that he needs to go to the hospital for treatment. I have to be there for him during the entire treatment and drove all […]