My wish list

Sigh….yeah I can only add this into my wish list of things to do for fun once I am a billionaire right? Think Property portal has just emailed me their latest promo flyer featuring their key development in Sri Damansara, which is just opposite the highway to my current residential area. It seems like obtaining […]


That’s how you say ‘Hello’ in Korean  and that’s what I learned earlier in order to greet the Koreans who came and visit me at my house. I get to hear of the opportunity to foster Korean children studying in Malaysia through an acquaintance. And so I thought it’s something that I might want to explore. And this afternoon I get […]

The Intruder

I was about to change when I spotted something weird in the room. It’s the presence of a weird entity in the room trying to scramble away when I switched on the lights, so I immediately closed the door and rushed downstairs to get Lester’s help. Apparently, when he reached upstairs, the intruder has gone into hiding and was nowhere […]

A Cruel World

The residents of Pulau Ketam couldn’t be anymore cruel when they decided to round up 400 of stray dogs populating within their island and transported them to a nearby isolated island. How can they do that? They don’t want to hurt those dogs by putting them to sleep, and out of a sudden they created another […]

Raymond Lam’s Insufficient Love

  [youtube=] A colleague sang this song during our karaoke session a few days back. I couldn’t understand the entire song but it’s such a sad and touching song I can’t get it out of my mind. I can’t imagine this HK actor, Raymond Lam can sing such beautiful song.