Mosquito Menace

What do you usually do when you get bitten by mosquito? Try to do what the picture shows, and trust me the itch will be over! It’s strange, but it works! Here are some interesting facts about mosquitoes… 1. Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes don’t get their nutrition from your blood. Their nutritional needs are primarily […]

Hymn Writer

There were many men and women in the past whose lives has changed upon their encounter with Jesus. Once people encountered Jesus through the Holy Spirit’s help, one can’t help but be changed. And for some, it takes time and the change is gradual, but it is inevitable. Take the life of Samuel Trevor Francis, […]

I see you

Yesterday cell at our home was fun! We all get to know each other better and had great laughs because of Kenneth’s ‘special’ gift. I was in charge of ice-breaker and so I get everyone to share about their childhood ambition and what they turned out to be. It wasn’t really a big surprise to […]


I wanted to share my favorite food blog with all my readers. It’s found here and it’s a really cool recipe site. Chef John is a funny and friendly chef and all his recipes are easy and helpful for beginner cook like me! Most of my bread recipes are from there, I get the inspirations to cook from […]

Thankful Day

Today started miserably but everything turns out to be all right towards the end of the day. Especially after I figure out things and had my serious discussions.I realized that everything works out perfectly and I have just the correct amount of resources to solve my issues. It’s as if God has foresee my issues […]