Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Wireless Earbuds

I’m pretty pleased to have purchased my brand new wireless earbuds from Plantronics because it came with a charging bag. So I get longer play time with it, approximately 14.5 extended hours compared to other brand of its genre.

I have been looking for a wireless earbuds for some time now and is very happy to have found such great device. It’s amazing how convenient it is for me to use it during my walk on the treadmill or while I’m driving.

The only setback is of course the price, the device actually cost me RM399 which is considered an average compared to another brand that cost RM899! I’ve never knew devices like these could cost so much! Or maybe it’s the brandname?

Well it works perfectly well with my Samsung Note 5 and I have been using it happily now. From the review in YouTube some of the testers mentioned that there’s been some bad noise quality especially it’s bass since it’s a wireless device, but I don’t really care because it’s good enough for me. Hoping that I can use this for a long long time to come, because I remembered the last bluetooth earphone I had only lasted for a few months.

Delightful Food

This isn’t a food blog but it’s been a while since I last blog about what I had for lunch and such so , I thought I might as well post about my recent trip to 3 Little Pigs and a Big Bad Wolf restaurant.

Situated at Tropicana City mall, I’ve seen that this place is always quite full with patrons but I’ve never been in there until a few days ago when the outlet I can’t get in to Pasta Zanmai the food I usually frequented when I am in Tropicana.

Well seeing that we need a cosy place to chit chat and the place is quite conducive I figure out that I will meet my friend there. Upon entering, I do not know what to order and ended up ordering a baguette with ham and brie cheese. You can see from the picture that it’s so simple and one that I can finally do better at home or even my own cafe.

Anyway, I’m not there for the food and thought that I might as well enjoy the ambience since the food fails me. My meeting went well with my friend but I have to go off early to pick Tasha.

If you’re a pork lover then this restaurant may be a neat place to be with its pork burgers, pasta and some Asian dishes but if you are like me just looking for a nice and quite place to chat, then I would suggest some other place instead.

I have a dream

I have been quietly looking for an office space over the past couple of months. I guess it’s time that I can finally afford a small office space now that projects are quite regular.

Despite the fact that times are bad and that economic outlook isn’t that good, I have the faith that I will be able to ride through it. After all, I’ve been through quite A LOT being in business for the past 5 years. I have also encountered clients that do not pay me at all after work has been delivered. Or clients that take advantage of my goodwill, of course I treat it as a learning lesson and vows never to let it happened to me again.

It has always been my dream to own an office space of my own instead of operating the business from home. Working from home has its own perks however, the atmosphere is never conducive enough. On top of that, with Tasha at home, I’ve never felt like home is an office. My motivation to work will just fly through the window whenever I saw her toys sprawling around the hall or when its sharing space at my work table.

My mom’s constant nagging and with her watching her favourite drama series always doesn’t work as well either. So I’ve decided to look for an alternative solutions. Initially I wanted to rent one of those ready service offices, but I later found out the price is much costlier than a permanent place, on top of that I will have to share facilities with the others as well.

I’m still looking until a friend called me and told me that she is interested to share the space with me as well. However I will have to wait for some time until she is able to locate a proper place. Sigh, I just don’t know, I wish Epic can thrive and have its own space, perhaps without even having to share. Will just have to see how everything goes in a couple of months.

At the rate the country is being run, it will not be a surprise when the office rental decrease in the near future.

Yay to Starbucks

My previous Starbucks card was lost for a long time now and because of that I have been paying cash for my drink a lot.

So it means that I have to purchase a new card and reload it. I really like the new silver laminated card in the shape of their beverage.

Anyway, while processing my receipt the barista informed me that it’s my lucky day today as I have won myself another beverage!So what do you know? It may not be much but at least it’s FREE and something that is hard to come by these days…

Great, I’ll just linger around at Starbucks while waiting for my car to be complete it’s service at the service centre. That will take up my entire day before I go and fetch Tasha from her daycare.

I wonder what are we going to do tonight, been wanting to go for a swim with her for sometime now but can’t because of the bad haze conditions in our country.

Japanese Ramen

Lately there has been a lot of Japanese Ramen shop opening practically everywhere. It was our first time to the Quill Shopping Mall last evening and we decided to try this shop.

It’s supposed to be a Spicy Chicken Teriyaki Ramen which comes together with 3pcs of Gyoza and a cup of Green Tea. The entire package cost us RM27.90 in fact it’s supposed to be cheaper compare to us ordering the bowl of noodle separately.

Lester had his Spicy Chicken Ramen and it looks like this. The broth for both Ramen tasted the same the only differences is the topping. Overall the taste isn’t bad however the price may be a bit on the high side.

imageI was wondering how a decent meal in KL has suddenly gone up by 30% (at least) in most outlet. Hawker foods are still affordable at the range of RM5 – 6, however at food establishments such as café, restaurants, franchise outlet or even kiosk the price are now in the range of RM16 – 20 easily. I haven’t even started mentioning the price of specialty food establishments yet, like the Ramen shop we went to the pricing could easily cost from RM25 all the way to RM50!

Ever since GST was introduced the cost of living has gone up. Sometimes we try to skip meals or cook at home but cooking at home has always been a hassle, time consuming and with the price of groceries going up it does not make much of a difference anyway.

So we eat out and spend quality family time together to save time. I wonder how a normal Malaysian family can afford to eat out most of the time, usually I only see Chinese families doing that or very modern Malay community.

I wonder by the time Tasha grows up and how our currency will deteriorates even more. But as of now I’ll just let tomorrow worries for itself and hopefully we will have the opportunity to see that she grows up to be a mature and responsible adult.

BBQ Reunion

We had an awesome time catching up with friends last night, who invited us for a poolside barbeque.

Of course the idea of doing it next to the pool did not went too well with Tasha who can’t resisted the water and actually get into the water. Coupled with the facts that I forgot to bring a change of clothes except for her sweater, it was a disaster. I almost got myself all wet when she tried to venture deeper into the baby pool!

Anyway, I passed her back to her Dad to take care after sometime while I listened to the conversion story of Rachael, a Pakistani woman who is a refugee with her husband and 2 daughters here in Malaysia.

She shared how she came to know Christ through a dream where Jesus called out to her with the name Rachael. Back then, she was still a devout Muslim living together with her family pursuing nursing studies. She told us that she prayed a lot back then but felt no peace with her faith, she even voluntered to be a martyr jihadist and almost attempted to bomb herself in the public places until God intervened.

It was during that time when she was fasting and seeking God, that she encountered Jesus calling her in the dream, she said she was in a dark place surrounded by graveyard and then there was this man who called out to her ‘Rachael, follow me’ and despite being called, she was wondering why did He do that, back then when her name wasn’t Rachael yet.

But eventually she followed Him, and she asked Him to lead her out of the darkness through a path, it was then that she realized that He was showing her a way to follow, before saying to her that He is the way, the truth and the life. She don’t understand and was soon awakened.

Then one day she met a Christian man who eventually became her husband now during a hospital visitation with her mom. She thought of trying to converting him to Islam just to gain merits later when she dies. Then instead, this man shared with her a verse from her holy book, the Koran and told her that the prophet mohamed told the disciples that he did not know what to do with them. She got very mad and thought he interpret the verse wrong and went back home to check her version of the book and indeed the verse was there! So she felt betrayed believing a prophet that did not take care of their own disciples. Soon she realized that her holy book was not what properly written with no beginning or the end.

Out of curiosity sake, she went back to the hospital and met the man again and this time she asked him to share to her what Christianity is all about. She started lying to her family that she wanted to do practical at the hospital but instead went there everyday to find out about the bible and God. She even shared the contents of her dream with him and he was so excited to inform her that God spoke to her directly from a verse in the bible! In the book of John, Jesus mentioned that He is the way, the truth and the life and no one goes to the Father except through Him. Eventually she became a Christian and have to practice her faith in secret. It did not goes well with her family when they tried to arrange a marriage between her and another Moslem man and it was then that they discovered that she has already become a Christian and she suffered beatings due to that. She shared that in Pakistan Moslems family practice honor killing and there’s nothing the authority can do because it was part of their culture too.

So they have to leave Pakistan after enduring much beatings and threats that she will be killed if she were to continue to stay there. Now after being a refugee in KL for some time she eventually hear from the United Nations who helped process their pass to get into America. Their entire family will be able to start a new life there by end of this year or early next year.

I really hope all will be well for them from now on. Thinking back of my conversion story, it’s nothing compared to hers and I feel that we are all very blessed to be able to come to know Jesus without any threats or difficulties.

Christmas comes early

Yes, I was the happiest woman last night when I received an advanced Christmas gift from my husband! So bye bye iPhone 5s you’ve officially been replaced by Samsung Note 5!

I’ve never been an Android user and to be honest am not sure what to expect, but the large screen is a pleasant surprise for me because it fits everything! I’m starting to get really annoyed with iPhone’s limited 16GB of storage which limits a LOT of the apps that I want to use. On top of that my image files are everywhere because it no longer syncs with my Dropbox due to lack of space.

Anyway, I do not have much issue with the OS whatsoever, and was happily downloading all my necessary apps. I’m beginning to use my handphone more now than ever before.

Even though I have yet to get used to the functions of the S Pen but I think I will use it in due time, probably when I start to blog through my mobile instead of my laptop. We shall wait and see then…

Malaysia Day

A friend shared this on Facebook. It’s too good to just let it go, it make me proud to be a Malaysian because I don’t feel secluded and alone for being a Non-Malay. At the same time I am proud to know the modern Malay living amongst us.

So I am posting it here again in view of Malaysia Day on September 16. (Although I’m a little late)

Who are the real Malays?

Fa Abdul | Sep 14, 15 7:43am
Real Malays know better than to pledge loyalty to those with dirt on their hands

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the Malays, thanks to the upcoming Red Shirts rally championed by you-know-who. After being bombarded with a series of articles, discussions, media statements and overflowing commentaries from ordinary Malaysians, I can’t help but ask myself if those who claim to represent the majority ? are they even REAL Malays?

But then who are the real Malays?
Are they the easily offended ones?
Are they the over sensitive ones?
Are they the less intelligent ones?
Are they the ignorant ones?
Are they the naive ones?

I don’t know about you, but for me, I judge people not by what I read or watch on TV. Instead I use my observations of people and my personal interactions with them to decide what I think of them.

If you ask me who the real Malays are, I’d tell you they are my friends, my colleagues, my neighbours, my acquaintances and the people whom I personally know.

To me, my friend Mia Mahadzir is a real Malay. Despite earning straight A’s in the SPM, she rejected a MARA scholarship simply because she felt it was awarded to her because of her race, not her achievement. Mia taught me that real Malays have dignity.

The actor Hazril Harith is a real Malay. He stood up for his non-Malay friends in a BTN gathering and voiced his dismay at how unjust it was to whack the non-Malays simply because they were doing better economically. Hazril taught me that real Malays are sensible.

My favourite kueh seller Makcik Salmah, is a real Malay. From selling nasi lemak and kueh by the roadside, she has now branched out and owns a number of stalls selling nasi lemak and kueh. Every morning she drives around town to ensure all her stalls are doing well. Makcik Salmah taught me that real Malays are dedicated and not afraid of hard work.

My dearest buddy Akmam Abdullah is a real Malay. While struggling with a divorce case and having trouble making ends meet, she opened her door to me and my children when we needed a roof over our heads. Akmam taught me that real Malays are generous.

My acquaintance Wahida Kamarulzaman is a real Malay. She is sponsoring herself through her Masters by working at kindergartens and tuition centres. At times she stumbles and finds it difficult to manage, but she has never asked anyone for assistance. Wahida taught me that real Malays have pride.

My theatre guru Dato Faridah Merican is a real Malay. She has dedicated her life to the arts and enriches the lives of many of all races who wish to pursue their passion in the industry. She is a mother to all performing arts enthusiasts. Dato Faridah taught me that real Malays are givers, not receivers.Mia, Hazril, Makcik Salmah, Akmam, Wahida, Dato Faridah and a long list of others are the real Malays for me.

These are the Malays I have in my life. Through them, I have learnt a lot about dignity, sensibility, dedication, generosity and pride. They are good human beings who have no second thoughts about making a stand against what they perceive to be wrong.

If you ask me, those people who are inciting hatred against the other races are not the real Malays. They are puppets. As puppets, they have neither backbones nor brains. They merely move in response to the tugs on the strings made by their puppeteers.

So I ask of you my dear ordinary Malaysians not to get yourselves entangled in this devious plan to tear us apart. They might call it a rally to uphold the dignity of the Malays but the truth is, none of the real Malays I know are going to be there.

My real Malay friends are intelligent enough to say no to a corrupt regime. They know better than to join a rally to pledge loyalty to leaders with dirt on their hands.The real Malays are not the ones clad in red. The real Malays are those who smile at us on the street. They are the ones who invite us over to their Raya open houses. They are the ones who send over their homemade karipaps. They are the ones who would hold the elevator door open at the sight of us. They are the ones who address us as pakcik, makcik, abang, kakak and adik even though we are strangers.The real Malays are those who will be enjoying a nice family day at home or hanging out with a bunch of friends in a warung, come September 16.

For Better or Worse

Perhaps I should learn to look up and let God resolves Tasha’s issues. We’ve been to see 3 different paediatrician in regards to the cyst on top of her head and none of them could tell us what it is FOR SURE. A lot of times they were just speculating that it is just a dermoid cyst which is common among infants.

We did an ultrasound scan on her, initially and thought we saw some corresponding tissues underneath her skull where the cyst is however, the paediatrician interpreting the scan told us that we can’t trust the ultrasound scan completely because it’s never clear enough.The tissues might not be there. Duhhhh…then why in the first place they want us to do the scan??? So it annoys me a lot and I don’t want to place her under CT scan which may be harmful for her or even an MRI scan because I feel that she’s too young to go through all these medical examinations. As long as she is still healthy and don’t develop any weird signs I guess I shouldn’t be worrying about it too much.

And so in the end, I’ve decided to just commit her to the grand physicist upstairs and pray for His intervention instead. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether these are some sort of test that we have to go through to prove to God that we really do love this child?

I’m very sure that He knows it all..especially what’s inside our hearts, our plans for Tasha and all.