Bye Bye Porchetta!

We visited our favourite restaurant after church last weekend. We’ve only been to this restaurant twice and discovered that they serve extremely delicious porchetta. They only sell it during weekends and not on weekday. Unfortunately, we discovered that today is the last day for this restaurant to be in business. Sigh, so we have one less […]

Runny Eggs

I recently purchased an egg steamer from the supermarkets. It’s not very pricey nor cheap but I just purchase it for the sake of convenience. I’ve been wondering how the restaurants make runny eggs and now I know the secret. With this appliance, I can make all sort of eggs, soft boiled, hard boiled and […]

My Pasta Machine

Lester bought me a pasta machine recently, it’s something that I have been looking for a long long time. Not sure why it’s so difficult to find the machine. My local favourite noodles is actually ‘Pan Mee’ direct translations meaning ‘Flat Noodles’. It’s made from flour, water and eggs just like pasta. It’s a bit […]

Sumptuous Fusion

Ever since we started catering food for dinners we hardly ever eat out. So it’s not surprising to know that it’s been ages since we had our favorite fusion food. Yeap, we’re at Pasta Zanmai again after so long I can’t remember exactly. I had avocado sushi with soft shell crab and pasta with chicken […]


Not sure whether I’ve mentioned these before, but I am a person that loves bread, so naturally Burger is one of my favorite food. A friend told us of a place setup by a bunch of college students and frequented by college students and is doing very well. It open at 5pm everyday and before long their […]

Yam Cake

Another favorite food of mine is Yam Cake which I never bother to learn in the past. However this time I decided to cook it. I also discovered a secret that makes the yam cake delicious. Good quality chicken broth need to be added into the flour batter so that the yam cake is more delicious. So […]